About us



Bringing a long-life dream of establishing a business that has an impact in the healthcare industry through providing advanced technologies and improving the overall healthcare cycle for patients across our great Kingdome was realized in 2014 when Vision Medical was established as a privately-owned company. Building on a passion for community involvement and mission to help develop the healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia to align with the country's transformation vision 2030 through innovative medical solutions and services. Our team stands ready to engage with you our potential clients by identifying your needs and providing the necessary advice to help you build sustainable medical services in the fields of ENT and Sterilization solutions while focusing on enhanced patient experience. Through integrity, passion, and hard work we will grow together... .

Mohammed Algahtani

Founder, CEO Vision Medical


Vision Medical was established in 2014 in Jeddah with a plan to provide the best possible health care solutions to the growing health care market within the Kingdom. Our aim from day one was to represent highly advanced medical equipment from world-class companies while building a local services network. The growth in the medical device and service market lead us to establish a wide geographical network covering the Kingdom to increase our accessibility and customer engagement.